Bluetooth Research

Bluetooth: Ye olde King BluetoothBluetooth: Ye olde King BluetoothBluetooth is a wireless protocol for sending serial data over the air. It was named after Harald I of Denmark. In fact, the symbol for Bluetooth consists of the runes for that king's name.

In order to put a project together, you'll need the following resources:

  • A Bluetooth modem board, such as the BlueSMiRF
  • An Arduino board or stamp
  • Outputs from the Arduino (vibration "rumble" motors in our case)
  • Input to the Arduino board (like our accelerometers)
  • A computer or other device that can communicate via Bluetooth (most recent Macs and laptops, as well as certain Nokia phones, etc.)

Here are some links to getting Bluetooth working with the Arduino, with some sample code:

To see Bluetooth in action, just pick up a WiiMote. It connects to the Wii via Bluetooth! There are interesting technical details for how this works specifically. Our protocol will most likely be much simpler. Also check out Inti's post on Wii specs.

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