Research Assistantship

In the autumn of 2006, I was honored to be accepted into the Design and Technology department's research assistants' program. As an officially designated factotum, I've worked on:

  • CDT Department Website: Drupal and other backend hackery
  • Research Assistants' Website: All of it, pretty much. So, you know, if you hate it, I'm to blame.
  • OSI: Lots of cool things are in the offing, especially with Psiphon. Work done in my Design and Psychology class has produced some very interesting results. Check back soon!
  • Sydewynder: A Python-based SMS send/receive server tha can run mobile games, coordinate protests, whatever you need done, all from a single Nokia mobile phone.
  • Syllabus Data Mining: I'm helping the Urban Studies folks put together a curriculum using a custom search engine that parses syllabi and pulls out unique keywords from each.

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