Airport Bloggin'

So, I'm stuck here in Heathrow instead of being on a plane back home. Ethiopian Airlines screws me again. They took about an hour longer than they had to to get out of the gate. What was announced as a "mechanical problem" turns out to have been a misalignment between the plane and the jetway. In other words, they didn't park the plane right. Awesome.

Now I'm just killing time here in Terminal 4, rocking out on the N800 and the BlueTooth keyboard. I've hit a few UI snags, but, on the whole, it's nice. Nothing quite like having a laptop that fits in your pocket. I'm considering using this as my class notetaking tool. Beats hauling around the Death Star just to type things up. No good mind-mapping software yet, though. I probably should just suck it up and write some of my own.

I'm more concerned than usual about the fate of my checked luggage. Of the many things EA is notorious for, the chief one is losing luggage. Last time back, my bag came five days after me and was oddly damp. No big deal then, but, this time, I have a freshly tricked out Baobab terminal inside with a serial port and everything. It is the essential hacking hardware for this next semester. Losing or damaging that is doubleplus ungood.

Ah, they're calling a JFK flight now. Unfortunately, I'm going to Newark and have a few more hours to wait. I'll try to scrounge up some food with dollars to take to the ForEx. I'll also be damned if I don't milk every kilobyte out of this TMobile Hotspot that cost me ten pounds for the privilege.

Okay, I'm clearly cranky. Time to eat.

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