Games For Change Salon

I presented the EPA game that Jonghoon, Lena, and I made for the OSI collab. The game, Inspector Carbone, got some really excellent feedback from the audience. I also got to meet a whole bunch of other people interested in using games for education and activism. I'm really glad I went.

The other game demos were also very good. Check these out:

  • Lance Vikaros, Teachers College, Global Warming Interactive
    (produced by Michael Hillinger)
  • Mark Grob, DWI Learning Experience/Game

Jesper Juul, visiting scholar at the New School, and Helen Nissenbaum from NYU spoke beforehand with a couple of really interesting (though, sadly, brief) presentations. I was particularly interested in Jesper's take on violence and other sorts of supposed "immorality" in games and Helen's structure for imbuing one's game with the values one intends to inculcate in the player.

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