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  • MySpace
    • The Essence of MySpace
      • Can it pay off?
      • Not making it feel like a big company

Human Nature According To Malcolm Gladwell

I'm listening to Malcolm Gladwell's talk at Pop!Tech. I'm blogging in real time as I listen, so this is straight from my head to the blog.

A chair maker decided to use mesh that allowed the chair to breath and yet does not pinch, as well as a bunch of other cool innovations. (I had one of these at my previous job--they're great!)

Anyway, the chair has to be comfortable and look good. It was very comfortable--an 8 out of 10. Still people didn't like the way it looked--in fact they thought it was ugly. Market testing, for this aspect, was abysmal! Even designers weren't keen on it. People said it looked like lawn furniture!


  • Readings
    • Smartmobs
      • by Howard Rheingold
  • Loose structure
  • Build a relationship with your cellphone

Class Notes

Class notes for the Me and My Mobile collab.


  • Content
    • Creation
      • a few shows have huge viewship, but it's a long tail
      • people, all people, are able to express themselves


  • link
    • studio objectives
    • schedule
    • grading

Class Notes

Notes from the Major Studio: Interactive class.


  • Readings
    • Emotional Design
      • by Donald Norman
        • Also wrote Design of Everyday Things
        • which was originally called The Psych. of Everyday Things

Class Notes

Notes from this class.


  • intro
    • games, but not just games
    • applicable anywhere
    • solvinh problems on paper and in your head
  • branching decisions about how you teach things

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