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Class Notes

Notes from the class.

Design and Education

This is my work from the Design and Education course during the spring of 2007.

Notes From OSI, WordForge Brainstorm

  • Managers
    • Translation Memory
    • Terminology
    • What's the difference between terminology and translation memory
      • how it's managed?

Notes From Interface, 2006-11-01

  • Homework
    • Develop and present
      • non-linear narrative of your journey from home to school
  • New Project
    • Five or Six Weeks

Notes from CC, 2006-10-31

  • Katie Salen
  • Homework
    • Read the first three chapters of Kurtzweil
    • Mander: speed read the four arguments
    • AI Lecture after that

Notes From Interface, 2006-10-30

So, I'm trying out a class notes blogging idea, dropping my class notes into my blog from the VYM app. See below for my notes from Major Studio: Interface on October 30, 2006.

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