Back in Action

Okay, here we go! Another semester is starting up, and I am busy. I'm taking 18 credits right now and teaching one class (CC lab) and co-teaching another (Community Media Design) with Karl Mendonca. Thesis fits in there too, plus another secret project I'm working on with a former teacher.

I've been doing some testing on barcode scanners, and it looks like I can get the one I just received from eBay to read off a number from a fairly crowded field of others on a strip where each is only 1 mm high. This could make an efficient length and circumference measuring device, once I test it more thoroughly. I present the larger idea in class Monday night, so feedback from that will be very helpful.

Other than that, I'm trying to eat well and get enough sleep for as long as that is practical. Which won't be long.

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