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Mill of the Mind

Mill of the Mind In ARTnews!

Our Mill of the Mind project, in which Sims are subjected to the deprivations of the Milgram experiment, got a mention in ARTnews. Awesome!

Sim Art - New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer

Sim Art - New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer - [My del.icio.us]

Nice blurb about the Sims show and our project in particular on New York Magazine's site. Both Inti Einhorn and Becky Heritage have great quotes!

Machinima Design Jam

Inti Einhorn, Becky Heritage and I put together a crrrrazy physical-computing piece that uses clips pulled from the Sims game to re-enacted the famous (or infamous) Milgram experiment.

Here is a brief clip of what we have:

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