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On Saturday, Cameron Browning and I joined up with the boys from Mein Stiffi and had a projection party with Splnlss on his roof in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We were testing out a project I've dubbed "Steadman," which is a crazy looking drawing tool we created on a slow day in the lab this past August. The results remind me a lot of Ralph Steadman's work.

We've been sort of picking at it now and then. It has tablet support, so you can take your handy Wacom and use the pressure of the pen to adjust the madness of the line you're drawing. Next up... maybe some way of animating the output when it's done. Suggestions are welcome.

First Two Weeks

So far so good. I met with Marko this morning and worked through what needs to be done next. I have to start researching a lot about the patent and copyright situation with what I want to do, because I really want to make sure that this work is free (as in freedom) and that it stays free (i.e. no one scoops it up, locks it down, and sells it back to the people at high cost). I don't expect that to happen, but it's better to be safe than sorry, and I really want this to be shared as widely as possible.

Doing more work for Yury, too--top secret stuff for now. Should be really cool when it comes out, though. I was working in Processing today for some demo work, and I solved a lot of issues I'd had before with exporting apps and making them presentable. Sweet!

Random Object Composition 3

Random Object Composition 3

More of a pattern than a composition at this point. Andi suggested using masks to go through it and pick out interesting compositions that are hidden inside of it, then blowing up the masked area to full size. I'll do this with a few differently sized masks and see what I come up with.

Random Object Composition 2

Random Object Composition 2

The stronger composition. One comment suggested that it looked Soviet, which I agree with. I might make some small changes at the bottom of this one, but not too much else.

Random Object Composition 1

Random Object Composition 1

Probably the weakest of my three compositions, this one lacked any kind of focus, not really drawing the viewer to any point in any really meaningful way. The next step will be to unclutter the image and focus on two of the strongest elements, which are probably the bolt and the foil piece at the bottom.

A Critical Review of "Call of Duty: Vanguard," King of the Hill Multiplayer Game Mode

"Call of Duty: Vanguard" is a first-person shooter for the Nintendo Wii set in World War II. The game offers several multiplayer options for play in split-screen mode. This review will evaluate one of these options, "King of the Hill."

Back in Action

Okay, here we go! Another semester is starting up, and I am busy. I'm taking 18 credits right now and teaching one class (CC lab) and co-teaching another (Community Media Design) with Karl Mendonca. Thesis fits in there too, plus another secret project I'm working on with a former teacher.

I've been doing some testing on barcode scanners, and it looks like I can get the one I just received from eBay to read off a number from a fairly crowded field of others on a strip where each is only 1 mm high. This could make an efficient length and circumference measuring device, once I test it more thoroughly. I present the larger idea in class Monday night, so feedback from that will be very helpful.

William Kamkwamba at TED Global

William is an amazing young man from Malawi who powered his home with a windmill of his own design. Check it out. Note that, though it's hard to see in the video, he got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Bootcamp In Full Swing

After a what amounts to full year of preparation, bootcamp is underway, and I'm helming a code class. Time to put up or shut up.

So far, things are going pretty well. After a shaky start with the blogs, it looks like most of the students are rocking on them, and we're starting to see some outstanding work posted. They're tired (weren't we all, way back in 2006,) but they seem to be getting on.

Here are my students' blogs:

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Elie Stevenson

Fengyu Hao

Jessica Johnson

Pasquale Chieffalo

Jia Zhang

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Joanna Zdeb

Lynn Maharas

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Rohini Metharam

Stephanie Mendolia

Wai Sze

Mill of the Mind In ARTnews!

Our Mill of the Mind project, in which Sims are subjected to the deprivations of the Milgram experiment, got a mention in ARTnews. Awesome!


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